Kurdcall delivers high quality Premium rate SMS services. We have a lot of different services running for tv and radio stations:


  • Korek TV
  • Qellat TV
  • Vin TV
  • Effect TV
  • Chira TV
  • Chihan TV
  • NewLine TV
  • Puk Duhok
  • Paytaxt TV
  • Yekgirtu TV
  • Qellat TV
  • Niga TV
  • Duhok TV
  • Delal TV
  • Zagros Radio
  • Kurdistan Radio
  • Yekgirtu Radio
  • Radio Newa
  • Radio Newroz
  • Zare Kermanji Radio


Interactive services:

  • Weather reports
  • News
  • Jokes
  • Horoscope
  • TV voting


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About us

In March 2006, Kurdcall started the first Premium Rate SMS service in the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan and the province Duhok.


Our team of experts with many year of Telecom expertise is committed to build the best Mobile services for our customers.


We keep close track of the very latest technological developments. This ensures that the advice we offer is both customized and state-of-the-art.


Via Kurdcall subscribers can send SMS to more than 50 TV channels and Radio stations.