Kurdcall delivers high quality Premium rate SMS services. We have a lot of different services running for tv and radio stations:


  • Korek TV
  • Qellat TV
  • Vin TV
  • Effect TV
  • Chira TV
  • Chihan TV
  • NewLine TV
  • Puk Duhok
  • Paytaxt TV
  • Yekgirtu TV
  • Qellat TV
  • Niga TV
  • Duhok TV
  • Delal TV
  • Zagros Radio
  • Kurdistan Radio
  • Yekgirtu Radio
  • Radio Newa
  • Radio Newroz
  • Zare Kermanji Radio


Interactive services:

  • Weather reports
  • News
  • Jokes
  • Horoscope
  • TV voting


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Kurdcall is your ultimate partner for advice, development and maintenance in SMS, and IVR services. We can translate your requirements into user-friendly solutions.


In 2006, Kurdcall was the very first companies to offer Premium rate SMS services on a professional basis. The solutions offered by Kurdcall were especially valued in the entertainment industry because of the exciting opportunities offered by the many (young) people using mobile telephones.

Today, Kurdcall offers ready-to-use solutions, such Premium Rate and Interactive Voice Response. Companies and organizations are guaranteed a solution that perfectly meets their specific requirements.


We are directly connected to Korek Telecom and Asicell, this way we could provide high quality service, with fast delivery even at very high traffic volumes. We only use high quality Telco equipment to provide maximum uptime.